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The Consulting Division helps clients to develop sustainable business growth and manage perilous business risks caused by the ongoing economic downturn, by offering simple, creative, sturdy, client-centric professional services broadly categorised as Consultancy, Enterprise Risk Services and Accounting Services. This is made possible as we revere knowledge and encourage creativity from a mix of dynamic, energetic and goal oriented young professionals, senior professionals and industry experts.

Our Consulting Division offers the following services:

Business/ Strategic Planning

We develop business/ strategic plans for existing and new businesses, providing organisations a roadway for the future.

Enterprise Risk Management

We assist clients to monitor and manage the risks faced by their businesses, which could hamper the process of achieving the business objectives..

Cost Management

We implement this to manage costs strategically instead of cutting down all costs.

Business Valuations

We carry out business valuations for the purpose of mergers & acquisitions or to list a company on the stock exchange.

Project Feasibility Studies

We assist our clients in identifying the viability of a project and the risks associated with the investment well in advance.

System/ Impact/ Industry Studies

We conduct in depth studies of any particular system, industry or the impact of an incident, and make recommendations to eliminate weaknesses and improve efficiency.

Compiling Procedure Manuals

We use our accumulated experience in compiling robust procedures that would improve efficiency, minimize the occurrence of fraud, and provide a tool for training new employees.

Diagnostic Reviews

We carry out diagnostic reviews to identify the internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external threats and opportunities of a business organization.

Executive Coaching

We provide training programmes for client’s staff on subjects that are required to enhance their capacity.

IT Integration

We transform manually operating businesses into technology driven businesses to make them more productive.

Risk Based Internal Audits

We provide risk based internal audits, applying the modern approach where the audit is based on the risks associated with the business, instead of on compliance.

Special investigations

We carry out special investigations to identify the people involved in a fraud and quantify the fraud, and recommend procedures to eliminate the possibility of a recurrence.

Accounting Process Outsourcing

We provide complete accounting services through dedicated staff at the client’s premises or from an external location. We also liaise with the auditors on behalf of the client.

Sourcing of Accounting Professionals

We outsource accounting professionals on a casual basis, as and when a client requires such services.


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